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ManagerSal gives you the confidence and tools you need to scale your freelance business

Streamlined Gig Booking

We do all the stuff you want someone else to do! Easy online payments and unlimited customer websites are where we start.

Professional Contracts

We wrote the book on contracts for entertainers and it's all ready to use in ManagerSal!

Business Tracking

All the reporting tools you need to track your business, keep governments happy, and to help you book more business next year.

Team Management

Book subcontractors, digitally monitor your office assistants, and much more. Loads of new business boosters coming in 2020!

Sal is the client management software in the back; you're the party in the front. ManagerSal takes the backend work off your shoulders, allowing you to focus on your clients. Never worry about contract management and execution, payment structures, or client communication. Gain more time, look more professional, and book more gigs.

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Helping entertainers and freelancers succeed since 2008!

ManagerSal streamlines your everyday struggles whether you're just starting out or already established. We use ManagerSal every day to grow our entertainment business and we wouldn't be successful without it.

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ManagerSal is a virtual office system that provides an efficient, paperless process so you can:

  • Provide a dedicated online location where clients can request your services
  • Send quotes from pre-generated templates
  • Immediately convert a contract with the click of a button
  • Instantly finalize a contract via a client's e-signature
  • Export gigs to a calendar app
  • Get access to all previous and potential events and clients, including invoice history and related notes
  • Manage multiple clients at larger events (such as classes and workshops)

Member Spotlight

Gary Ledbetter, Dynamite Magic & Balloons (Montgomery, AL)

ManagerSal makes it easy for me to keep track of my gigs, decor projects and business no matter where in the world I am working. I recommend it to everyone in my workshops.

Patty Sorell, Balloon Designs (Peabody, MA)

I use ManagerSal to run three businesses. I would not be able to manage them all and still have a life without Sal.

Michael Kirschner, and The Kirsch Project, (Fort Lee, NJ)

ManagerSal is like a magic trick for my office. Whatever my business needs, it has or they have added to the system.

Who gets peace of mind with ManagerSal? Freelancers, entertainers, and solopreneurs who want:

  • More time to spend making money than drafting paperwork
  • Better organization of client and event history
  • One place for all gig booking, invoicing and contracts
  • Immediate access at any time to client and event history
  • More time organizing, hosting and facilitating events than worrying about how to keep track of it all

ManagerSal provides effortless customer management for:

Face Painters
Balloon Artists
Dog walkers & groomers
Childcare providers
Yoga teachers
Puppeteers & Vents
Professional Speakers
Art teachers
Event staff
Convention staff
Stilt Walkers
Disc Jockeys
Variety entertainers
Freelance entertainers
Graphics artists
Spa/massage therapists